Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 71 | Listening | A Discussion about Mavericks

Welcome back to another ESL podcast, everyone! And on today’s podcast, you’re going to listen to a discussion about mavericks.

On my blog, there will be a number of topics that you will need to order 1-10, so be sure to tune into that, too.

  1. How to help Mavericks work with a team. ____
  2. Group work issues with mavericks. ____
  3. Balancing different types of people for success. ____
  4. The possible benefits of introducing a maverick into a group. ____
  5. Dealing with problems created by mavericks. ____
  6. A method for measuring maverick behavior. ____
  7. The opposing views of the term maverick. ____
  8. Issues with assessing maverick behavior. ____


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