ESL Podcast: 166 Countries & 3k Cities Around The World — Thank you

Super excited! Buzzsprout finally rolled out a new layout for podcast stats and I can FINALLY SEE the ALL-TIME play mark for countries and continents on my ESL podcast! I’m proud to announce that I have listeners in 166 countries and in 3000 cities! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
So, the number one continent, by a long shot, is Asia. However, there are some surprises in this top 10.

🇺🇸United States 18% 13,744
🇯🇵Japan 10% 7,273
🇧🇷Brazil 9% 7,019
🇹🇭Thailand 7% 5,178
🇨🇦Canada 4% 3,319
🇻🇳Vietnam 4% 3,005
🇲🇽Mexico 3% 2,757
🇨🇳China 3% 2,678
🇹🇼Taiwan 2% 1,907
🇹🇷Turkey 2% 1,679

Other notables, top cities: Bangkok, Sao Paolo, Taipei. Even more amazing that Bangkok is the top city in the world. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! I didn’t even know I had listeners LIKE THAT here.
Nonetheless, I just want to say thank you so much. I’m unbelievably grateful for what’s happening and even more excited about what’s developing!

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