Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 72 | Study Skills | Studying/Working Collaboratively

There are many skills to gain from studying collaboratively. Through working with others, you develop awareness and understanding of:

  • group dynamics
  • how others think and feel
  • what motivates people
  • how to use skills and time most effectively

Collaborative work gives us the opportunity to help others to contribute and also to receive feedback on and improve our own performance.

Developing these skills can be challenging, and we need to be prepared to take some risks. We need to:

  • listen to others
  • develop our own self-awareness
  • at times, prioritize the interests of the group above our own.
  1. In which situations have you or will you have to work collaboratively on your course? Make a list, and then compare your list with someone you know.

Example: Tutorials, work placement

2. Identify a success group collaboration you have been a part of. Consider the questions below and share your answers with your group.

  • What form did the collaboration take?
  • How did the collaboration affect the group members in terms of the following? goals, responsibility, roles, tasks
  • How did you benefit from being part of that group?
  • What did you learn from the experience that has helped you in collaborative work since then?


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