Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 73 | Reading | Risk-takers: Who Are They?

For the long reading, you’re going to have to listen and answer the questions down below in my podcast. With that being said, you have two tasks: completing the statements with no more than one word (IELTS style) and True, False, or Not Given. Tune in!

  1. Dopamine is only able to fill a cell when the receptor is not ______________.
  2. In a study in New York, participants had to say if they were _________________ about or keen on doing new activities.
  3. The New York research produced similar results to studies conducted on _________.
  4. Dopamine creates a feeling of pleasure which some people find _____________.
  5. Sensation-seeking is a characteristic which causes people to seek ______________in new activities.
  6. Zuckerman’s research suggests the sensation-seeking trait has ______________ key aspects to it.


Listen again. Are these sentences T, F, or NG?

  1. Risk-taking is a characteristic like sensation-seeking. ____
  2. Whether a person has the sensation-seeking trait is partially decided by person’s biological makeup. ____
  3. A person’s prefrontal cortex is fully formed before they reach adulthood. ____
  4. It is possible to work out when a prefrontal cortex will develop in some children. ____
  5. Women are more likely to take risks in situations they have less experience of. ____
  6. The writer concludes that the causes of risk-taking discussed in the article are definitive. __


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