Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 74 | Grammar |Infinitive Phrases

Here’s a new grammatical learning session for you guys! Perfect Infinitive is used to suggest that the action took place before the time we’re talking about.

(to) have + past participle

Biologists appear to have discovered a physical reason for risk-taking.

Continuous infinitive is used to suggest that the action is in progress around the time we are talking about.

(to) be + ing verb

We should be trying to reduce risk-taking among young people.

Passive infinitive is used to focus on the object, not the subject.

(to) be + past participle

His research suggests that the sensation-seeking trait can in fact be inherited.

  1. What is the difference in meaning between each pair of sentences.

a. Some adults appear to take regular risks.

b. Some adults appear to have taken regular risks.

a. Risky behavior is likely to be causing unnecessary accidents.

b. Risky behavior is likely to have caused unnecessary accidents.

a. Some people would like to take more risks in life.

b. Many people would like to have taken more risks in life.

a. without risk-taking, humans would not have achieved so much.

b. Without risk-taking, so much would not have been achieved.

a. Schools should be taking greater care to teach risk literacy.

b. Schools should take greater care to teach risk literacy.


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