Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 81 | Discussion Point | Global Spread of Companies/Preserving Culture

As you guys may know, Estonia has banned Starbucks from setting up shop in the country. Explanation? Preserve the cafés and culture of the country. Smart move. Vientiane, Laos, circa 2018, didn’t have any fast-food chains or name-brand coffee shops within their capital. Smart? Yes.

Globalization is happening and companies are expanding at a rapid rate. However, I realized the likes of Vietnamese and Lao people being far more friendly without global expansion versus Thailand that has seen a significant amount of international chain restaurants come running to invest — destroying the food culture, but also making other country’s food even BETTER. So, this is what this podcast is about!


  1. Do you eat at international chain restaurants? Why?
  2. What makes a company successful globally?
  3. What happens to local competition when a successful outsider moves in?
  4. What will happen with this trend in the next 20 years?
  5. Which is a better description of this development: spreading or invad


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