Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 82 | Discussion Point | Suburbs vs. Cities & Regeneration

Medellin, a city that was destroyed by cartels in the 90’s, has been revitalized and regenerated in a number of different ways: community projects, paradigm shift, and alleviating poverty. There is also a quote “it is the people who live in our community, not the facilities or whether it looks nice, that influence how we feel about where we live.” To what extend do you agree? Tune into the podcast for more!

So, when we compare suburbs to major cities, why do you think the cities have expanded at a faster rate in the last 30 years compared to suburbs? Also, why might poverty be a greater issue in the suburbs?

Tune into the podcast down below for the audio of Medellin and what has become of it.


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