Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 86 | Study Skills | Reflective Learning

Your performance as a student/learner (because we all are) is LIKELY to develop the habit of putting time aside to reflect on how you learn. You will find that you study more effectively if you consider, for example:

  • changes in your motivational levels
  • changes in your attitudes and ideas
  • the appropriateness of your current study strategies to the tasks you are undertaking
  • which skills you need for different kinds of assignment
  • what is blocking your learning
  • gaps in your knowledge or your skills

Getting to Know Your Skills

  1. What motivated you to read a book that you wanted to read? What reduced your motivation? Why?
  2. What reading skills did you need in order to read and understand the text?
  3. How effectively did you understand the text?
  4. What helped you understand? Or prevent from udnerstanding?

Writing Skills

  1. What is the best way to approach this piece of writing?
  2. What skills do you need to be able to complete this piece of writing?
  3. Of those skills, which are your strengths and which are weaknesses?
  4. How easy do you find it to focus when writing? What distracts you?


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