Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 88 | Grammar | Review of Conditional Forms (Corrections)

Welcome back to another review of conditional forms, people! In this episode, I want to correct some sentences with you guys by either adding or changing a word. I’ve reviewed conditionals a number of times already, so you can always refer back to the previous blogs.

If you want to check the sentences on your own, here they are (and if you’re seeing this on Facebook, tune into my website:

  1. If i had learned another language, it will have made studying abroad easier.
  2. If you’re going to take a gap year, you might want to start thinking about where you want to go.
  3. We’ll just have to give our friendship a break if you won’t tell me what the problem is.
  4. If I didn’t have to study, I’ll be hanging out at the beach. But I have to take a huge test next week!
  5. I would have gotten there on time if the train hadn’t running late.
  6. If it wasn’t your advice, I probably wouldn’t be going to Africa next year.
  7. Accidents would be dramatically reduced if people don’t cross roads while texting, but everyone is addicted to their devices!
  8. You should compare your ideas with your friends if it’ll speed up the writing process.


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