Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 89 | Developing Vocabulary | Collocations – Communication

We’re back with collocations! A lot of you love my developing vocabulary segments, and I do apologize for this specific genre going on a hiatus, but it has come back stronger than ever with a powerful punch. Let’s get into these.

Which of these phrases collocate with communication or voice.

  • in regular
  • speak with one
  • a breakdown of
  • face-to-face
  • at the top of your
  • raise-lower your
  • a means of
  • a tone of

Complete the sentences down below with the collocations from above. You may need to change the expression.

  1. I tried texting, calling and emailing, but got no reply so we need to find out what is the best ____________ for her.
  2. I think he probably doesn’t realize that his __________ can often sound quite defensive or even hostile.
  3. In my view, __________ is always preferable as it gives you the opportunity to read a person’s body language.
  4. Daniel was shouting, ________ but Emma still couldn’t hear him because of the noise.
  5. It will be more effective if we all _________ and present a united front when we ask the coach to change his training techniques.
  6. There was a _____________ because all our phones were out of range and there were no landlines available.
  7. The rescue parts was ____________ with the injured climber via mobile phone until they located her.
  8. He was having trouble concentrating so he asked his friends to _________.

Which verb do these phrases collocate with?

- be about to...... - hate to....... - have nothing to.......- hear someone...... - not be on.........terms - not trust yourself to ....... - .....out against -- ......someone what you think - ......the difference - ......the truth - so - .......your mind. 

Say                   Speak                    Tell


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