Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 91 | Vocabulary Development | Phrasal Verb Academic Alternatives

We’re back with some vocabulary development today, and like most of you have requested, phrasal verbs with academic alternatives! You very rarely hear the academic words spoken unless it’s in a professional environment. We have a tendency, as English speakers, to use phrasal verbs (unless you’re in British Parliament — lol). Here we go!

accomplish      cite     curtail     dispose of     disregard     exhaust      proceeding      relocate

Replace the phrasal verbs below with their more formal equivalents in the box.

  1. Urban Sprawl occurs when people move away from its down area to the suburbs.
  2. A city with urban sprawl will use up more resources on infrastructure.
  3. The need to cut down pollution is apparent in some suburban neighborhoods.
  4. To pull off a reduction in pollution, road use must be lowered.
  5. It’s impossible to write off the lack of employment opportunity in th suburbs.
  6. Proponents of sprawl may refer to a greater sense of community as an advantage.
  7. In cities with decreased populations, planners should get rid of abandoned facilities.
  8. City planners should plan urban expansion carefully before going ahead with it.

Complete the text with the formal verbs above.

People who live in a city have wonderful facilities on their doorstep, but stress associated with the cost of living, crowds, and noise can be problematic. This kind of stress can be _____________ if the decision is taken to ___________ from the city to the suburbs. Larger homes, fewer people, nature, tranquility, and a sense of community are all _____________ as the advantages of suburban life. However, before __________ with the move, it is important not to ____________ potential issues. There will be longer commutes which may _____________ funds more quickly, as well as reduce the number of tasks you can ____________each day. In addition, environmentally conscious people may be concerned about their increased effect on the environment, as more resources are required to provide them with electricity, gas, and water, as well as ____________ their trash.

Skillful Book 4
  1. What do you think are the benefits of and issues with both city life and suburban living in your country?
  2. Would you argue that it is better for people to live in cities or suburbs? Consider issues related to homes, lifestyle, facilities, transportation, and the environment.


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