Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 93 | Vocabulary | Academic Homes: Making Homes Green

Welcome back to another vocabulary development exercise, and I think this was a very important one for me to do because we need to become more eco-conscious. So, vocabulary development, matching definitions, filling in the text and OF COURSE — discussion questions.

  1. Commence
  2. Commission
  3. Diversify
  4. Implementation
  5. Integral
  6. Labor
  7. Panel
  8. Somewhat
  • to development new products or services in addition to the ones you already provide
  • a flat piece of wood, glass, or other material that forms part of something
  • to start
  • the workers in a particular industry or company considered as a group
  • the process of making a plan, idea, etc., start to work and be used
  • to officially ask for a piece of work to be done for you
  • to some degree, but not a large degree
  • forming an essential part of something

Complete the text with the words above.

Making Homes Green

Many people think only of solar _________ when they imagine an eco-friendly home, but there are other options, too, for example, wood from sustainable forests for kitchens, flooring, or under floor heating.

The source of materials is ____________ to eco-friendly homes and materials should be natural and locally sources where possible. Access to these materials has __________ improved in recent years, with some construction supply companies choosing to ___________ and offer greener alternatives.

Some land owners are choosing to build their own eco-friendly homes, but before ___________ a project, they should device a clear plan in consultation with construction professionals so that its _________ is as smooth as possible. They should ensure sufficient funds are allocated to the project and decide whether to supply the ___________ themselves or _________ a third party.

Skillful Level 4
  1. How eco-friendly do you think the homes are in your area?
  2. What would make them more eco-friendly?
  3. Would you ever consider building your own home? Why/whynot?


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