Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 96 | Speaking Model | Forming Inversions & Debates

Welcome back to another speaking model! Today I’m going to briefly go over the grammatical side of inversions, and then I’m going to go into the speaking model and have some questions at the bottom for you.

So, when we talk about inversions, we can create emphasis out of them. This technique places the verb before the subject to make the sentence sound more formal and also more noticeable. Compare the two sentences:

Had the originated there, this situation would not occur.

If they had originated there, this situation would not occur.

Inversion is used:

  • After frequency adverbs seldom, rarely, never // Never before has a cultural change of this size happened so quickly.
  • After certain phrases with no. /// Nowhere that it arrives does it improve life for the local people.
  • After certain phrases with only. /// Only after humans started moving around the planet did this problem begin.

Now, you are going to learn about forming inversions, using rhythm in rhetorical devices, drafting persuasive statements, and ordering arguments. Tune into the podcast down below for the opening statement and questions!


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