Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 101 | Critical Thinking | The Stages of Brain Development

We’re beginning an entire new phase and today we’re going to be discussing the stages of brain development, as well as discussion points (which will be explained in the podcast down below).

Stage 1 – Childhood

  • At the age of six, the brain is 95% of its adult size.

Stage 2 – Adolescence

  • Although the brain is fully grown, synapses are being “pruned back” to make connections more efficient. This affects the ability of teenager to make rational decisions.

Stage 3 – Adulthood

  • Our cognitive abilities peak between 22 and 27. At 50, we begin to steadily lose the ability to plan, remember, and coordinate.

Stage 4 – Old Age

  • By 80 our brain shrinks by 50 to 10% and our capacity to recall, orientate, and reason worsen.
  1. Are you surprised by any of the statistics?
  2. Should we excuse teenagers for irrational behavior as their brains are not fully developed?
  3. What can we do to slow the decline of our cognitive functions?


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