Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 103 | Reading| Tourism In The Spotlight

We’re back with an extensive reading, and today we’re going to be talking about tourism being in the spotlight. As most of you may know, the global economy has taken a huge hit over the scapegoat — coronavirus. Because people are living in fear, they’re terrified of traveling — which then hits the spending, tourism, and global markets. So, let’s hear about this in the listening down below and answer the questions, too!

  1. As you can hear form the first paragraph, what does the reviewer suggest about Becker’s choice of places to visit?
  • She would have been aware of the degree of risk involved in visiting some of them.
  • Some would have told her more than others about the workings of the tourism business.
  • They would probably be attractive to much of her audience.
  • It is striking that some she selected have very few negative issues connected to tourism.

2. What point does the reviewer make about Becker’s critical perspective in the second paragraph?

  • She occasionally breaks off to discuss things not directly connected to tourism.
  • She would discover more about a particular culture before passing judgement on it.
  • She sometimes focuses on minor points and ignores more fundamental ones.
  • She at least attacks a range of countries.

3. The reviewer cites Roberty Byron in order to….

  • Support the idea that tourists and destinations have always used each other to their advantage.
  • Imply that Becker has taken some ideas from others who have written within the travel genre.
  • Illustrate the fact that overseas visitors rarely understand the nature of a place visited briefly.
  • Make the point that tourist behavior has always been portrayed in a negative light.

4. What is the reviewer doing in the fourth paragraph?

  • Highlighting tourism-related issues which must take priority over others.
  • Emphasizing the role of individuals in protesting against unfair practices.
  • Questions the practical application of some of Becker’s solutions
  • Applauding Becker’s directness and clear thinking.

5. In the final paragraph, the writer argues that…

  • the US doesn’t need advertising to attract tourists.
  • Controls at US borders are necessarily strict.
  • Investment is needed to promote US destinations
  • Tourism is a highly political matter in the US.


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