Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 105 | Vocabulary Preview for Listening | Market Research

It’s time to do some more vocabulary development, filling in the blank, and discussing the vocabulary terms in context! Tune into this podcast and make sure to do the exercises.

deciding factor       determine     impulse     retrospect     market research

move on     nutritional     obesity
  1. to control what something will be
  2. a sudden, strong feeling that you must do something.
  3. considering something that happened in the past
  4. the process of collecting information about people’s product preferences
  5. the thing that helps to make the final decision
  6. concerning food as something that keeps you healthy
  7. a condition in which someone is too far in a way that is dangerous for health
  8. to stop doing or discussing something and do or discuss something different.

  1. What is a __________ for you when choosing which brand to buy? deciding factor
  2. Do you readily agree to take part in ___________ surveys?
  3. When choosing a snack to buy, do you look at the _________ information on the package?
  4. What do you consider to ________ how much you spend each month?
  5. Are there any products that, ____________, you wouldn’t have bought?
  6. How often do you buy things on ___________?
  7. How much are the rates of _________ affected by the low cost of fast food?
  8. How easy do you find it to ________ after wasting money on a product?


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