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Welcome! If this is your first time knowing, I do have a Business English Premium podcast that’s PRETTY AMAZING. Currently right now, if you are one of the three first sign-ups on the podcast, you would get 2 free coaching hours (1 each month) with the premium. So, that’s something to surely look forward because the price tags on learning business English, soft-skills and coaching in general could be a tad pricey for some out there.

That’s number 1. Number two, this podcast features a lot of different things such as sales, investment products, supply chain and demand, corporate finance, and more. Because I’ve done a many of different projects around Bangkok with companies, I’m now implementing an array of different things into my podcast.

So, with that being said, I will talk about the five popular lead-generation magnets, as well as the importance behind marketing, communication, and prospecting. I’ve been teaching prospecting and sales to a private student here in Bangkok who runs multiple businesses and it’s so interesting to hear what her ideas are about it.

After that, you will be able to ask me questions about lead-generation magnets, which ones are useful, other ones you might add, and how successful are you at them.

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Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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