ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 110 | Developing Speaking/Listening | Two Students — Memorable Journey/Decision

We’re back with some developing speaking, and in this podcast I’m going to have some gerund/infinitive work here for you guys. So, in saying that, we’re going to listen to two different audios with two students talking about a memorable journey and a decision they have made. Two separate audios, and some notes for you to take. IELTS listening work for most students…so tune in!


Circle the correct alternative.

  1. I have a vague memory of to go/going to France by bus.
  2. To think/Thinking back, we were traveling very fast.
  3. If I remember right/rightly, I was sitting near the front.
  4. I forgot mentioning/to mention I was on a school trip.
  5. I shouldn’t leave/let out that I was feeling very nervous.
  6. As far as what I learned/learned goes, I discovered I loved traveling.
  7. On the question of why it was/was it important, I’ve been traveling ever since.

Listening 1

A memorable journey you have made

where you went from Lecce to Naples

how you traveled (a) ____________________

why you went (b) ____________________

none of us had been there

what was most

memorable for you Naples in the morning

Listening 2

A decision you made

what the decision was (c) _________________

how you made your

decision after a test

what the results of

the decision were (d) _________________

Why is was important made me the person I am now


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