ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 111 | Listening | Talking About Working & Traveling

Here’s another developing listening and speaking for all of you, and in today’s podcast, we’re going to listen to three students talking about working and traveling. The questions below are for you to answer on your own!

Extract One

  1. What is Jessica’s attitude to travel?

a. It’s something she’ll only do while she’s young.

b. She wants to see as much of the world as possible.

c. It’s a way for her to meet new people.

2. How does she pay for her travels now?

a. She works in different jobs while she’s traveling.

b. She uses the money she saved before she left home.

C. She has set up a business to finance her travels.

Extract Two

3. Why did Alex choose his job?

a. He wanted to do something related to his passion.

b. He wanted to work and travel at the same time.

c. He was following the suggestion of a friend.

4. What does he see as the main disadvantage of his job?

a. He has to do fifferent kinds of work.

b. There isn’t enough space for him to work.

c. He is with his workmates all the time.

Extract Three

5. What is the main reason Ben started writing?

a. to remember the things he had seen.

b. to earn money at th esame time as traveling.

c. to force himself to look closely at the places he visited.

6. What advice does he give to people starting in his profession?

a. to go to places other people don’t normally visit.

b. to write about a particular aspect of a place.

c. to include details of things they’ve seen.


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