What seems to be true?

  1. A) The haircut is unusually short.

B) This is Bob’s first haircut.

C) Bob doesn’t know who gave him the haircut.

D) After the haircut, Bob’s hair still touches the floor.

How does Bob seem to feel about his haircut?

2. A) It is just what he wanted.

B) He enjoys having the latest style.

C) He dislikes it immensely.

D) He thinks it will be cool in the summer.

What did Bob see on the floor?

3. A) A broken mirror.

B) The hairstylist.

C) The scissors used to cut his hair.

D) Piles of his hair.

What two people keep saying to Bob?

4. A) “You should become a hairstylist.”

B) “Please put it back on.”

C) “It’ll grow back.”

D) “It won’t grow fast enough.”

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