ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 131 | Developing Vocabulary | Word Formation – Prefixes & Suffixes (TOEIC)

Use prefixes to complete the sentences.

  1. This film is _____produced by Kayla and Daniel West, who as well as being great film-makers are also twins.
  2. There’s no question that Luke has a quick temper and he often ______reacts when his sister teases him.
  3. Andrew is usually so grown up and dependable, but I think on that occasion he was _____responsible.
  4. With the signing of this treaty we are entering a new era of ______national cooperation.
  5. I trust Samantha completely and known that she would never be _______loyal to me.
  6. The team failed in their attempt to reach the summit because they had __________adequate equipment.

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