ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 131 | Developing Vocabulary | Word Formation – Prefixes & Suffixes (TOEIC)

Read the sentences and decide which answers are best fits for each gap.

  1. My parents can be ___________ sometimes because they have a set of rules about screen time one day and then the next day it changes.
  • inconsistency
  • consistently
  • consistent
  • inconsistent

2. The orchestra’s performance was ____________ considering that they have only been playing together for two months and the conductor is not particularly experienced.

  • impression
  • unimpressive
  • impressive
  • impress

3. Being the eldest child definitely made me less __________ because i had to grow up and take on responsibilities much more quickly than the others.

  • immature
  • mature
  • maturity
  • immaturity

4. It seems highly __________ that the accident was caused by human error, as the equipment is very reliable.

  • probable
  • probably
  • improbable
  • probability

5. If you are ___________to other people, the chances are that they won’t be respectful or kind to you either.

  • considerate
  • consideration
  • inconsiderable
  • inconsiderate


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