ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 132 | Life Skills | How to negotiate

Let’s break down some scenarios involving four students who are dealing with problems in class and in work-life. We’ll break down what the advantages and disadvantages are of this approach.

(1) Zoe is really irritated that one of the friends in her social group always dominates the conversation, and never admits to being wrong. However, Zoe never mentions how irritated she feels, and just walks away when it gets too much. As a result, she’s starting to see less of her other friends, too.

(2) Adam doesn’t really like another player in his team, mainly for the reason that during practice, he thinks the other player often deliberately tackles him in a very aggressive way. Sometimes the coach notices the tension and asks what’s going on between them. Adam usually just says ‘Nothing. Everything’s fine.”

(3) Both Jake and another band member claim that ‘I was the main writer’ of a song that has recently become commercially successful. Jake is now doing everything he can to discredit the other team member, and prove that he, Jake, is the one with the talent. The other band members are saying things like ‘But you both wrote it!’ and ‘Are we going to sign the deal with the recording company or not?’

(4) Sophie and Caitlin have just finished their exams and are planning a week’s holiday. Sophie originally suggested a week of ‘chilling on a beach, doing absolutely nothing’ and Caitlin was looking at a package deal that included snorkeling, windsurfing, diving with sharks, etc. They’ve now settled on three days of ‘rest’ and three days of activities. Both are pretty happy about the decision.

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