Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 146 | Reading | Charity Matters

We’re back with a HUGE listening in terms of charity. Most of you already know how I feel about these “charities” that actually profit from the poor (pencils of promise), but it’s time to dive into it even deeper. So, we have two parts: the listening, which you’ll have the A-G paragraphs to it down below. So, listen to the podcast player for the full audio, and when you hear the beep, know that one of the paragraphs down below (or on the blog) must be matched to it (1-6).

A) It is true that real-time updates and live feeds allow you to view people’s tragic situations in far-flung countries as never before. And the images, taken not just by photo journalists but by anyone with a recording device, have become far more intimate.

B) The situation turns out not to be as straightforward as it seems. In order to do so, your own needs must come second to the needs of others. According to psychologists, this is easier said than done.

C) Certainly it can help people to feel part of a global caring community. However, this is illusory in terms of creating impactful change, and it may also lead them to overlook the most practical thing in a critical situation.

D) Scientists and psychologists have been debating the nature and evolutionary origins of altruistic behavior ever since. It has also been suggested that altruism doesn’t really exist.

E) Then consider a slightly different situation in which the potential recipient of your goodwill is more familiar to you. This happened to a friend only recently; her contribution to a collaborative project was far more significant in terms of time, effort and ideas than her classmates.

F) Vague notions of tending to the sick, or helping to rebuild the infrastructure had begun to form. As with many other willing volunteers, the relinquishing of home comforts for a few months seemed to him a small sacrifice to make.

G) This, according to relief agencies, is not a unique case. In the haste to assist the needy, many would-be volunteers rush in without weighing up what they can realistically contribute against how much they might actually binder relief efforts.

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