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Welcome to a comprehensive Part 1 breakdown of the IELTS test! Cambridge 15 has made its debut, and I found a perfect website that has all the tests available. So, before we get into the test, we need to establish some things.

But even BEFORE THAT, make sure you tune into the podcast to get my breakdown, answers, techniques, etc.

Technique 1 – Predicting Notes

Here are some examples of the different type of information you’re going to need to fill in part one. Try to quickly identify the situation from the notes and from the introduction on the recording. You should then spend the time before the dialogue starts thinking about the situation and predicting the type of language you might here.

  • a price
  • a measurement
  • a reference number
  • a number
  • a month
  • a name
  • a color
  • a time
  • a place
  • a telephone number

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