“Being effective as individuals and organizations is no longer optional in today’s world—it’s the price of entry to the playing field. But surviving, thriving, innovating, excelling and leading in this new reality will require us to build on and reach beyond effectiveness. The call and need of a new era is for greatness. It’s for fulfillment, passionate execution, and significant contribution. These are on a different plane or dimension. They are different in kind—just as significance is different in kind, not in degree, from success. Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation—what we could call voice—requires a new mind-set, a new skill-set, a new tool-set …a new habit.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

This couldn’t have been written any better. Perfectly put. For everyone who was just “effective,” they’re probably without jobs now. Does that make sense? You have to reach beyond just being effective now.

“The 8th Habit represents the pathway to the enormously promising side of today’s reality. It stands in stark contrast to the pain and frustration I’ve been describing. In fact, it is a timeless reality. It is the voice of the human spirit—full of hope and intelligence, resilient by nature, boundless in its potential to serve the common good. This voice also encompasses the soul of organizations that will survive, thrive and profoundly impact the future of the world.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

“All of us are finding our voices again. Learning how to talk to one another. . . . Inside, outside, there’s a conversation going on today that wasn’t happening at all five years ago and hasn’t been very much in evidence since the Industrial Revolution began. Now, spanning the planet via Internet and Worldwide Web, this conversation is so vast, so multifaceted, that trying to figure out what it is about is futile. It’s about a billion years of pent up hopes and fears and dreams coded in serpentine double helixes, the collective flashback déjà vu of our strange perplexing species. Something ancient, elemental, sacred, something very, very funny that’s broken loose in the pipes and wires of the twenty-first century.
. . . there are millions and millions of threads in this conversation, but at the beginning and end of each one is a human being. . . .
This fervid desire for the Web bespeaks a longing so intense that it can only be understood as spiritual. A longing indicates something is missing in our lives. What is missing is the sound of the human voice. The spiritual lure of the Web is the promise of the return of voice.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

Like I’ve said before in my Business English podcast, communications, sales and marketing are the three most powerful tools in the world right now, and these are skills that need to be developed AT ONCE in order to not only weather the COVID storm but also to prepare yourself for a future where you can see ample opportunity in terms of speaking engagements.

I know, “I’m scared. I don’t want to. I hate public speaking.” Again, those negative voices and quotes from the past blogs. You can listen to them, but you must ignore them.


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