We’ve got a life-changing podcast on different models of leadership and change management. We’ll be talking about Lewin’s Change Model and how the eight-step approach to change management is amazing and life-transforming.

Identifying concepts and theories: Some texts present concepts rather than arguments. A concept is a general idea about something that exists or an idea about how something should be done. An argument is supported by objective reasoning.

Lewin’s change model includes a three-step approach to change management known as Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze. (a concept)

People do not like change. in a 2013 survey, 76% of workers did not want their circumstances to change. Change should therefore be implemented carefully. (an argument)

Like a climber reaching a mountain peak, leading businesses must not spend too long standing and admiring the view or they may find themselves swiftly overtaken by leaner and more adaptable mountaineers. High-profile companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon are all examples of industry leaders which understand that they still have a mountain to climb; while other companies have mistakenly spent far too long looking at the scenery, not appreciating that further heights were there to be scaled.

We are all aware that if a business wants to succeed, it has to create a culture of innovation in a fast-changing market. When one company innovates, others will quickly follow suit. without continued creativity, a business will become stagnant, lose its competitive edge, and very quickly find itself behind the times. the need for change is blatantly obvious and yet businesses around the world fail to actively work towards change, unnecessarily suffering the consequences. Company bosses making a commitment to change is the first, and easiest, step forward. However, planning and executing a change strategy can be an uphill struggle, with organizations often withdrawing strategies at the first sign of difficulty. Fortunately, there is a lot of support for businesses in the academic field of change management, with several business models to draw on.

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