Describing Clothes and Fashions

Welcome to my Patreon, patrons!  So excited that you’re reading this and a huge thanks for supporting me.  I’m even happier to see that this has worked and that people have acknowledged and appreciated the things I’ve done on my blog.  With that being said, let’s get into some writing expressions for formal writing!

– Use passive and impersonal structures to convey a more serious, formal style. 

– Do not use contractions. 

– Use linkers of addition, contrast, consequence, etc. to structure your arguments. 

– Use determiners and quantifiers to say how general younr findings are comments are. 

Beginning the report

– The aim/purpose of this report is to outline/describe/present the findings. 

– This report is intended to…

– This report is based on….

Ending the report

– As I/we have previously mentioned,

– I/we (would) suggest/recommend,

– My/our main recommendation/suggestion is…

– Having taken everything into consideration, 

– All things considered,

– All in all, 

– To sum up/conclude…

Describing clothes and fashions….

Match some of these words with the definitions in 1-6: 60s/70s/80-s style, adventurous, baggy, casual, check, chic, classic, flowery, glamorous, loose, old-fashioned, plain, scruffy, smart, sophisticated, stripy, tight, trendy

1. Fashionable, stylish, and attractive

2. Untidy or dirty

3. Fitting very close to your body

4. Very large, not fitting next to your body

5. Simply in design, with no particular decoration

6. With a pattern of squares


Describe the outfits and accessories in the photos.

 1. Do you think the clothes match?

2. Do you think they fit the people wearing them?

3. In your opinion, do they suit the people wearing them?

4. Do you think they would suit you? Why/why not?

5. Are there any items of clothing or accessories in the photos that you wouldn’t be seen dead in? Which?

6. Are any of the clothes in style at the moment? Do you think they could set a trend in the future?

Writing Task – Read the writing task and follow these steps. 

1. Identify who you are writing the report for and the key information that you need to include in it. 

2. Decide how many sections you will need in your report and give each one a heading. 

3. Make notes with ideas for each section. 

4. Write your report. 

An international research company wants to know more about teenage fashion in your country. Help them by writing a report. 

– outline styles or items of clothing that are in fashion at the moment. 

– explain how important (or not) you think fashion is for teenagers. 

– recommend any improvements to the fashion industry in terms of products, models, prices, and marketing. 

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