Developing Vocabulary – Prefixes


1. Dis-

2. Il-

3. In-

4. Im-

5. Ir-

6. Un-

7. Co-

8. Inter-

9. Mis-

10. Over-

11. Re-

12. Under-

– Effective

– Resistible

– Bearable

– Comfort

– Probable

– Literate

– Active

– Sleep

– Consider

– Exist

– Estimate

– Fortune

Complete the sentences with these words and a prefix. 

1. Students should avoid using emoticons and ____________ language in their schoolwork.

2. I’d like a part-time job, but it’s __________ because I have to study for my exams. 

3. Dropping litter in public places is ____________ and can also lead to a fine. 

4. Eli would have won the race, but she was ____________ because she didn’t complete all the jumps. 

5. I can’t read your handwriting – it’s totally ___________!

6. It’s nearly 40 degrees at the moment – this heat is ____________!

Complete the sentences with a form of the word in bold and a prefix. 

1. You can’t predict the weather in England – it’s always changing. 

2. His lack of experience meant he wasn’t offered a job. 

– He didn’t get the job because he was too __________.

3. My grandmother gave me this watch, and if you lose it, I can’t replace it. 

– This watch is ___________.

4. My parents didn’t approve of my decision to go traveling. 

– My parents __________ of my decision to go traveling. 

5. Don’t rely on Sara to buy the tickets – she’ll only forget. 

– Don’t ask Sara to buy the tickets – she’s too ___________.

6. Personally, I don’t rate his latest book – it isn’t as good as people say it is. 

– Personally, I think his latest book is ___________.

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