Last Saturday local girl Michelle Richards had an unpleasant experience at the North Woods Multiplex Cinema. Michelle, 17, had gone to see the latest Johnny Depp film with three friends aged between 15 and 17. The film had begun at 3.45pm. When the film finished, Michelle and her friends went to the cinema lobby to wait indoors for their mother to come and pick them up. After five or six minutes, the manager of the multiplex came and asked them if they had tickets. Michelle told the manager that they had just come out of seeing a film and that they were waiting for their parents. The manager then told them that they couldn’t wait in the lobby and that they would have to leave. When Michelle asked why, the manager said that she had seen them in the lobby on many previous occasions and that she was sick and tired of the problems that they caused. The manager threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave immediately and so Michelle and her friends had to wait outside. When Michelle’s mother arrived, she was shocked to see her daughter out in the cold and dark,in an area that was unfamiliar to her. Michelle and her mother say that they are not simply going to forget the incident. They are going to make a formal complaint to the cinema so that this type of ‘teenage discrimination’ which put the girls at risk does not happen to others. The director of the North Woods Multiplex Cinema refused to comment.

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