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Complete the sentences with these words. 

Words: back, height, keep, passing, start, statement, world

1. Jake reads fashion magazines to ___________ with the latest trends and big news. 

2. Nobody will be wearing those sunglasses next year. They’re just a ___________fashion. 

3. I remember when long skirts were the ___________ of fashion. 

4. This suit may be old-fashioned now, but eventually it will be ___________in fashion. 

5. That hairstyle is unusual, but maybe you will ___________a new fashion with it. 

6. This watch is not only reliable, but also makes a fashion ____________.

7. Doing a degree is just one of several ways to get a job in the ____________ of fashion. 

Match the halves to make sentences. 

1. John is always buying the latest designer clothes. He’s a real _____________.

2. This restaurant is one fo the few that’s been successful. It’s managed to ____________.

3. Everyone’s wearing these trainers at the moment. They’re ______________.

4. Smart clothing may not be fashionable yet, but I’ve heard it’s…………………..

5. Next year, forecasters predict that hippy fashion will be ____________.

6. Sushi restaurants are everywhere, but not long ago, they were hardly________________.

a. All the rage.

b. Slave to fashion. 

c. Back in vogue

d. The next big thing. 

e. On the radar.

f. Buck the trend. 

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