IELTS | Listening | Cambridge 15 | T1 – P2 – Timetable for The Isle of Man Holiday & Matthews Island Holidays

Hello, everyone! A special request from a student in Nepal has brought me to yet another IELTS listening podcast for you guys! I know how important this is for the majority of you out there, so let’s break down questions 11-20 so you can better understand how to do the “text completion” forms.

11. According to the speaker, the company…

a. has been in business for longer than most of its competitors.

b. arranges holidays to more destinations than its competitors.

c. has more customers than its competitors.

12. Where can customers meet the tour manager before travelling to the Isle of Man?

a. Liverpool

b. Heysham

c. Luton

13. How many lunches are included in the price of the holiday?

a. Three

b. Four

c. Five

14. Customers have to pay extra for ..

a. Guaranteeing themselves a larger room.

b. Booking at short notice.

c. Transferring to another date.

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