Stephen Covey’s 8th Habit | Season 6 – Episode 18 | Learning by Teaching and Doing

“If you would like to get the most out of this book and initiate powerful change and growth in your life and organization, I recommend two simple ideas to you. If you will do these two things, I guarantee dramatic results. The first is to teach others what you learn; the second is to systematically apply what you learn—to do it!

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.” Apple Books.

What do you think I do with my podcasts? I do EXACTLY this — I learn something and I teach it — and in the process I become it. This is what I’ve been doing with a 6-year-old student. I teach her and then she gets all the other children together and teaches them what I taught her. This makes a mentor at such a young age and it’s unbelievably gratifying. Tune into my INSTAGRAM to see the IGTV.

“Also when you teach or share what you’re learning with others, you implicitly commit socially to live what you teach. You will naturally be more motivated to live what you’re learning. This sharing will be a basis for deepening learning, commitment and motivation, making change legitimate, and enrolling a support team. You will also find that sharing creates bonding with people—especially with your children. Have them regularly teach you what they are learning in school. My wife, Sandra, and I have found that doing this simple thing essentially eliminates any need for external motivation with their studies. Those who teach what they are learning are, by far, the greatest students.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.” Apple Books.

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