Inspirational Monday: Outgrowing People & Situations

It’s completely fine to outgrow people, jobs, situations, relationships, etc. You will feel it when you wake up. Of course, I outgrew my job back in 2016 but remained complacent and stayed onboard until the end of 2017 into 2018. I had no business being there anymore because I felt that’s where old, white souls that were wretched went to die. That was my rhetoric back then, of course. So I left, and by far, that was the greatest decision in my life, as well as so many other subsequent events that had occurred shortly after that. Understand that it’s ok if you outgrow things, people, jobs, etc. That’s part of the process. But some of you stay and it just prolongs the inevitable. This is a progressive universe and it’s ever-flowing with abundance. Attach onto it and continue progressing.

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