IELTS Student Achieves The Band in a One-Hour Coaching Session!

This was a MONUMENTAL moment. I was literally laying on my bed before checking my Facebook messenger and I saw four messages from a wonderful Filipino girl who I had coached just a day before her test.

Before the test, she was fed up with actually taking the test. She said she just wanted to pass, so I told her “your goal is now my goal.” For literally one hour, I pushed her and gave her so much feedback.

She did her test, gave me feedback and she said “fingers crossed,” doubting herself — once again.

And fast-forwarding to what happened last night, I saw the first message saying “THANK YOU!!!!”

I knew then she had achieved her score. She needed a 7.0 in speaking and she thought it was impossible to achieve that 7.0, but I knew it was possible, especially given her language.

I was so unbelievably happy and excited about the results…..and now she’s going to move to America and work as a nurse.

No, I don’t need external validation, but this is Tyler Perry’s “helping someone crossover” segment during an amazing speech he had about a year ago. I love helping people “crossover,” but often times as human beings, most people want to take and receive before they gave. That session for coaching was literally free, and by doing free work, I helped someone crossover.

This is just a week after another student from Peru scored a 114/120 on TOEFL iBT writing.

What is your intent? That’s the question to ask yourself today.

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