Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 182 | Vocabulary | Heroes and Villains

We’re back with another vocabulary episode. In today’s episode, we’re going to be going over vocabulary that relates to Heroes and Anti-heroes. The follow-up will be a reading/listening in regards to who are our heroes. So, let’s dive into these.

  1. alter ego
  2. nemesis
  3. sidekicks
  4. protagonist
  5. philanthropist
  6. humanitarian
  7. mentor
  8. iconoclast
  9. role models
  10. villain
  • someone with an interesting alter ego
  • the nemesis of a well-known hero
  • a sidekick with some interesting skills
  • a protagonist that has problems in their personal life
  • a wealthy philanthropist that people sometimes criticize
  • a humanitarian figure that has increased people’s social awareness
  • a mentor that has made a difference to someone’s life
  • an iconoclast that has challenged people’s way of thinking
  • someone who is a good role model for young people
  • a memorable villain from a film, book or play

Examples in podcast!

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