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Europe is the biggest ‘tourist resort’ in the world, taking 25 percent of (1) money spent around the globe on tourism. (2) Tourism boards have recently released figures which show that within Europe, four countries are the (3) destinations that most people choose: of all the visitors, over half go to France, Spain, Italy, or the UK. Eighty percent of all (4) tourists who are over 18 include a cultural activity on their holiday such as a visit to a (5) place with cultural or historical interest. So, any (6) finances that are drained for the upkeep of such tourist attractions is covered by income from their visits, along with (7) the other things tourists spend money on.  This is important as there is a correlation between tourism and the future (8) way the economy develops in that country.

  1. Development of the economy
  2. Other expenditure
  3. Global spend
  4. The release of recent figures
  5. Destinations of choice
  6. Adult tourists
  7. Heritage site
  8. Drain on finances

Techniques: we use noun forms to improve the way that we writing thingsour writing style and reduce the amount of space needed to describe thingsthe economy of our writing.

Task: you should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe the benefits of tourism outweigh the problems it creates in a particular place. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Introduction: growth of tourism seen as benefit (resorts bring in money and other advantages), But some people complain about negative effect (environmental damage/increasing prices). Will look at the different aspects of tourism; argue that it can be both beneficial and cause problems.

Idea one: Benefit: brings in money/local economy improves – more jobs for local people

Disadvantage: also, increases costs, house prices go up and prices aimed at tourists so local people suffer; jobs only seasonal

Idea two: benefit: tourism improves infrastructure – more facilities for tourists/transportation better, etc. – helps local population, too

Disadvantages: damages the environment/not good long term, e.g. beautiful area gets overdeveloped

Idea three: benefit: brings in new people/new types of attractions and cafes, etc.

Disadvantages: history and culture sometimes damaged – becomes very commercialized

Conclusion: benefits very clear – commercially good for an area. Key point – must be done with care or becomes damaging. Therefore, I believe tourism is largely benefit but only if done with controls.

Final Point: when writing essays, a common mistake students make is not planning enough. Spend a few minutes brainstorming ideas, e.g. using a benefits/disadvantages table or a mind map, before writing. You can then focus on language issues.


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