Release Tension/Stress Performance Prompts

  • The things that cause me the most amount of tension each day are….
  • A way I can remind myself to release that tension throughout that day is….
  • If I felt more energy I would be more likely to
  • When I reset my energy everyday with this practice, I’d like to start the next activity like….

So, throughout the day, we experience a number of transitions. Let me give you an example. When I wake up and do 30-90 flights of stairs in my condo — before I do that, there’s a transition.

  • Before I go to the gym
  • After I go to the gym
  • Before I go to work
  • After I finish work
  • Between classes
  • Activities such as getting on a call

These are all transitions, and we have a tendency of carrying things from one activity to another. Ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you ever carry any negative energy from one activity to the next?
  2. Do you feel depleted but still plough through activities?
  3. Are you losing a sense of presence and appreciation for life and others the further you go throughout the day?

Releasing Technique

To overcome the depletion and tension, do a releasing activity to release yourself mind, spirit, back, legs, muscles, EVERYTHING….from all the tension you may have experienced. Inhale for 6 seconds and exhale for 4 while saying “RELEASE”. Brendan Burchard’s YouTube video is down below for a longer release.

I did this before my workout and I realized I had one of the greatest workouts EVER. I did it when I got off the last train before getting to my condo and I had an amazing sleep. I did this before having a class with one of my students and we ended up having an AMAZING class.

Then, don’t forget to set INTENTION.

  • What energy do I want to bring to the next activity?
  • How can I do that with excellence?
  • How can I enjoy listening to someone? How can I enjoy it even more? Such as writing notes, continue listening, grab a cup of coffee. Etc.



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