How to Become More Joyful | Performance Prompts

The great data behind joy

  • People with most positive emotion has better marriages
  • Students do better on tests
  • Managers make better decisions
  • Doctors make better diagnosis
  • Prompts new cell growth
  • More successful = more cheerful and more optimistic than their peers and experience less negative energy and emotion
  • Talk about their craft, career, and relationships

Joy gives people energy.

What if you lack positive emotion? You better change that! Especially in the workplace! Only you are in charge of your emotional experience.


We’re not always happy and feeling awesome, but we just cope with negative feelings better by generating positive emotion.

How can you generate it?

  • Prime the emotions in advance of key events — or day in general. How do I wanna feel? Practice visualizations.
  • Anticipate positive outcomes from their actions.
  • Imagine possible stressful situations and how their best self will handle them. Be realistic.
  • Seek to insert appreciation, surprise, wonder and challenge.
  • Steer social interactions to positive emotions and circumstances.
  • Reflect regularly that all that they’re grateful for.

Questions to ask everyday

What can I be excited about today?

How can I respond to stress in a positive way?

Who can I surprise today with a thank you, gift, or appreciation?

Practice self-coaching.


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