TOEFL iTP | Listening Part A | Longman | Test #2

Welcome back to a full listening Part A test (number two) from the Longman book. I’ve done test #4 and the plays have been ASTOUNDING, thanks for Indonesia and my folks in Jakarta. So, here’s another one for you guys!

  1. Key words: why class move, couldn’t get in,
  • they were in the regular room.
  • the key was misplaced
  • he’s taking a different class
  • he has the key to the classroom

2. Have book? no, returned it to Jim

  • she will lend it to the man
  • she never lent the book to Jim
  • Jim wants to borrow the book
  • Jim has the book

3. writing checks? yes, I’ve written ____ and ____ and i still need to write _____.

  • paying bills
  • talking to the landlord
  • turning the lights off
  • looking for an apartment

4. should we leave now? Not time for class.

  • she has no time to go to class
  • they are already late for class
  • it’s too early to go to class
  • she has to be on time for class

5. class difficult? not difficult, time consuming

  • he is resuming his duties one more time
  • he is assuming the class is difficult
  • the class is terrible all the time
  • the class takes a lot of time

6. dorm rooms new paint, I’ll say

  • she needs a new coat
  • she likes the paint in the dorm rooms
  • she has the same opinion as the man
  • she left her coat in the dorm room

7. ready? couple of minutes, math problems first

  • he needs to complete the math assignment first
  • He’ll be ready in a couple of hours
  • he is going to history class now
  • he was ready a few minutes ago

8. file folders? No, they were moved.

  • she’s sorry she moved them.
  • She really knows where they are
  • they haven’t been moved
  • someone else moved them

9. difficult problem, not unrepairable

  • a solution is not apparent
  • the problem can be fixed
  • there is really a pair of problems
  • the problem is difficult to solve

10. hope no quiz, we won’t, professors doesn’t give

  • the professor gives quizzes regularly
  • the woman is really quite prepared
  • it is unusual for this professor to give quizzes
  • he doesn’t think there’s a class today

11. look at problem? impossible to comprehend

  • she could not comprehend the chemistry lecture
  • she has not had time to look at the assignment
  • it was possible for her to complete the problem
  • she could not understand the problem

12. pay fee? Not as far as I know.

  • he doesn’t know how far away the exhibit is.
  • he’s uncertain about the fee.
  • the exhibit is not very far away
  • he’s sure the exhibit is free

13. can’t take, wait to take it next semester

  • not taking it at all
  • taking it along with chemistry
  • taking it later
  • taking it instead of chemistry


  • an astronomer
  • a physician
  • a philosopher
  • an engineer

15. expecting gift? Couldn’t have surprised her more

  • nothing could surprise her
  • the gift really astonished her
  • she couldn’t have gotten more gifts
  • she was expecting the gift


  • she’s wearing a new dress
  • she’s ready to study for hours
  • she’s exhausted
  • she has studied about the war for hours


  • he’s really tall
  • he’s the best
  • he’s got a good head on his shoulders
  • he always uses his head


  • He’s already talked to the professor about the assignment
  • there is no assignment for tomorrow
  • He’s not sure what the professor will talk about
  • The professor discussed the assignment only briefly


  • he went to it
  • he knew about it
  • he didn’t know about it
  • he gave it


  • it’s hard to lock the room
  • the cloak was delivered on time
  • someone struck the crockery and broke it
  • it is now midday


  • that she wouldn’t take the trip
  • that she would go to the beach
  • that she really liked the beach
  • that she would take a break from her studies


  • they were disappointed
  • they didn’t get any gifts
  • they were unexcited
  • they were really pleased


  • she believes she can succeed
  • she’s decided to pull out of it
  • she wants to put off the speech for a while
  • she thinks the speech is too long


  • she’d like to offer the man a scholarship
  • the documents were returned to her with a signature
  • she needs to sign the documents
  • she works in the scholarship office


  • he doesn’t have time pay the bills
  • the bills weren’t paid on time
  • of course, he paid the bills on time
  • he will pay the bills for the last time.


  • he thinks the lecture was really interesting.
  • he’s not sure if the ideas are workable
  • he understood nothing about the lecture
  • he’s not sure what the woman would like to know


  • he missed an opportunity
  • he was late for his trip
  • he should take the next boat
  • he should send in his application


  • he agrees with what she said
  • he thinks she didn’t say anything
  • he couldn’t hear what she said
  • he did hear what she said


  • that John would pick them up for the concert
  • that the concert would start earlier
  • that john would not be going to the concert
  • that they would be late to the concert


  • he enjoyed the trip immensely
  • the boat trip was really rough
  • he couldn’t have enjoyed the trip more
  • the water was not very rough


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