TOEIC | Patreon Special | Reading Comprehension – Questions 7-12 Follow-Up

Here’s the Patreon special I’ve been telling you guys about! Questions 7-12 is now available in both written, audio and video form on my TOEIC badge. If you are going to take the TOEIC examination in October, November or December and you’re looking for an economical way of study (budget-tight), I would consider enrolling in this specific badge that features exclusive videos, Q&As, two free coaching hours, live webinars, and exclusive audiocasts/worksheets….all for $50 a month (original price $250-500). Book a consultation down below to explain more. Or, if you have friends who would like to do group studying or take up an even cheaper online grammar class with students from around the world, those are other products that are available.


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