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Welcome back to another live coaching, and apologies for the delay. Generally speaking, IELTS live coaching (writing) debuts every Monday, but because of my extra busy week, that didn’t work. Nonetheless, here we are today! Remember, Patreon is available and has many benefits for those of you who would like writing evaluations, coaching hours (and added coaching hours at a 33% reduced price), exclusive audiocasts, videos and webinars. With that being said, let’s dive into this.

  • How would you describe these buildings using different vocabulary terms?
  • Describe a building in your city.
  • Describe the home you live in.

It is more important to use the space in cities well than make them look beautiful. To what extent do you agree?

Look at the plan down below. The key points 1-11 are listed but one supporting detail for each point is missing. Complete the plan with the correct details – a-e down below.

a. younger people tend to want to live in city — work opportunities. But housing very expensive — not enough of it.

b. some companies spend money creating beautiful surroundings — improve productivity; many famous buildings used on tourist websites to attract interest.

c. megacities — Tokyo, Mexico City, Mumbai — huge. High population and larger areas covered.

d. roof-top gardens

e. in Dubai tallest building created.


1. Cities: have high, dense buildings.

2. _____________________.

3. I partly agree that space needs to be used well.

Reason 1 — agree because

4. important to use space effectively — population of world increasing / more people need to live in cities.

5. _________________________________________.

Reason 2 — agree because

6. Design of high-rise architecture suitable for buildings in city — building in cities generally contemporary and high rise — economic use of space

7. _________________________________________.

Reason 1 — disagree because

8. Attractive surroundings improve quality of life/ attract tourists and income

9. __________________

Reason 2 — disagree because

10. nowadays good design includes green space but still economic — also better for environment

11. ______________________


agree space is important but not the only factor to consider

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Technique: Decide on your viewpoint before you begin. This helps you present the information consistently throughout this essay. Remember your adverbs, introductory phrases and general language should indicate your attitude, not just the introduction and conclusion of your essay.

It’s also important to distinguish between opinions you hold and those that are more general. Look at each statement above and decide if it is a generally accepted opinion or an opinion held by the writer specifically.

Now, read the introduction and underline the phrases that introduce the opinions.

It is generally accepted that contemporary cities are growing in size and population. Various recent reports have indicated growth in megacities such as Mumbai, Tokyo and Mexico City, which cover huge areas and are still developing. Along with the increase in population globally, it is therefore commonly acknowledged that there is pressure on available space and housing. I would therefore maintain that space is an important factor in city planning and must be taken into account in an kind of planning activity. However, although space is key to good city design, it is not the only thing that should be considered and this essay will go on to discuss other factors, too.

To begin with, a primary factor for consideration is population. Experts claim that the population of the world is increasing quickly and it is true that urban societies are growing very rapidly. More young people, for instance, are moving to cities for work opportunities as well as all facilities. and opportunities they can find there. For this reason, I believe we need to find more economic ways to live. Good design, with high-rise living space, can help. It seems to me that the cost of accommodation in many cities is prohibitive, which restricts opportunities and could be solved by better town planning.

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Technique: When writing an opinion essay, you need to present different viewpoints. These can be varied to appear personal or impersonal. Both are possible approaches.

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