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Transition Meditation

Intermittent breaks

Increase outputs of productivity – remembered, better known

It’s all about production. If you look at your field of endeavor and the people who produce the most useful content, compare them with others in the half or bottom half and you’ll see a massive distinction. So, when it comes to podcasts, I know people who upload every week or two weeks….as well as some of them have THOUSANDS of downloads by following that method. Good for them. But if you’re trying to become well-known, it doesn’t work that way. These are the less than 0.0005 percent who end up hitting home a niche and go viral, such as what happened to VINE back in 2013.

If I look at the top 3 ESL podcasts in the land, Rachel’s English is the only one that is even remotely close to producing as much content as me, and I’m still beating her. Although she has thousands of Apple Podcast Reviews (I can really careless), getting messages in my Whatsapp, Facebook Page and clients off Instagram speaks volumes in terms of how much production I put in and what it’s bringing back.

  • Blogger – more frequent and better content
  • Parent – increase frequency of free time
  • Sales rep – more meetings qualified prospects
  • Graphic designer – more great images
  • Academic – quality of curriculum

Procrastination? — Perfectionism. It’s not a real thing. It’s not a part of the human psyche. It’s really a motivational problem. You’re not working on things that intrinsically matter to you — it stems from things that don’t excite you, engage you, and matter to you.


  • The outputs that matter most to my life are…..
  • Some things I can stop doing so that I can start focusing more on PQO are….
  • The percentage of my weekly time I will allocate to PQO is….and the ways I’ll make that happen are….


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