TOEFL iBT | Part 2 Question | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Free Shuttle Service

Welcome back to the Part II of the coaching segment with one of my students. So, in this podcast, you’re going to hear that my student had difficulty hearing it at the beginning. Although you will be able to hear and take notes on the free shuttle service recording, why couldn’t he? Again, it’s another case of the “I didn’t take notes because I wasn’t able to separate information accordingly.” It’s completely fine, but it could be problematic come test day because you get only one chance.  This was just a tester from the beginning of my coaching with him, so he has gotten far better.  But in the beginning, it was hard for him to take notes on particular lectures. 

The Good

  • Great opening
  • Two reasons…..
  • Chronological order

The Need for Improvement….in the podcast….

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