Pronunciation Course Debut on Facebook, YouTube, Early Access Patreon Badge!

For the first time ever, I’ve taken my courses off UDEMY and now they’ll be debuting on my Facebook page! I’m so excited to bring you up to 30 videos over the next 30 days, leading to the debut of Phase IV and V on podia (stay tuned). I made these pronunciation courses initially for those of you who have difficulty with pronunciation in general. This is a comprehensive course that will require you to send your home to me, check your speech profile, your pronunciation levels, etc. Because UDEMY’s marketplace isn’t very good, I decided to focus on my real demographic, which is obviously my ESL Podcast, FB page, YouTube, etc. So, here’s the introduction to what you’ll be learning today! For the next 30 days, tune in at the same time. Also, make sure you check my blog for the template debut and coursework on a consistent basis.

If you want access to all the audio forms now, go to my Patreon! All links are down below!


Facebook Page


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