Pronunciation Course | Phase I | Your Pronunciation Level

Welcome back to the second video of my pronunciation course. In this video, you’re going to identify your pronunciation level by looking at the document in the link down below, or by listening to what I have to say. It’s very important to figure out where your level is before beginning the course, so I hope you enjoy this!

Level 1 – Minimal

Listeners understand only occasional words

Level 2 — Low

Listeners need constant repetition.  It is very difficult for listeners to understand you, even if they often speak with non-native speakers.

Level 3 – Fair

Listeners who often speak with non-native speakers can understand much, but not nearly enough, of what you say. Frequent pronunciation variating cause misunderstandings.

Level 4 – Usually adequate

Listeners understand most of what you say.  Accent and pronunciation variations distract listeners but only occasionally cause misunderstandings.  Listeners have to make an effort to understand you when distracted.

Level 5 – Easy to understand. 

You are fully understood. You have a noticeable accent and patterned pronunciation variations, but they do not cause misunderstandings.

Level 6 – Nearly native-like

You are fully understood.  You have rare, isolated mispronunciations with no patterns of error. Your pronunciation is almost native-like.

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