Pronunciation Course | Phase I | Syllables

Here we are with the first official video of the pronunciation phase. Today we’re going to be going over syllables. Make sure you watch me in the video down below so you can hear me explain everything, and of course, you practice your pronunciation. My email is at the bottom, too, so you’ll need to click the video for instructions on what to do.

One Syllable                                    Two Syllables                                  Three Syllables

  Sent                                                      present                                              president

prez(ə)nt/ – is the phonetic symbol for present.

Look at the following words and categorize them in terms of how many spoken syllables each word has: business, center, competition, curious, dictionary, essay, immediate, manager, omitted, own, page, please, positive, text, (bonus) congratulations.

These words have become more and more common over the last two years. How many syllables do each word have?

  1. Hashtag
  2. Selfie
  3. App
  4. Twitter
  5. Urbanization
  6. Tik-tok
  7. Snapchat
  8. Popular
  9. Travel
  10. Fortnight

In words with more than one syllable, pay attention to the strongest syllable – the syllable with primary stress. That syllable is longer, clearer, louder, and higher in pitch than the other syllables.

Free-dom, Fan-TAS-tic, edu-CA-tion

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