{Patreon Only} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | New Business & Proven Track Records

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What is the best practice when meeting new clients in your country? What are some steps you take to meet these clients? In this podcast, I will unpack the different ways you can prepare for meeting new clients, as well as having a proven track record, which is a controversial topic.

Ten years ago, it was all about resumés and references. In the present day, it’s about testimonials and demos. 5 years ago I would have to do teaching demos to showcase my teaching skills. However, if you ask me to do a demo this year, I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT. Because if I have to prove to you my track record, which is all over google, Spotify, YouTube and websites around the world…it’s already a done deal that you won’t accept my services. Because I have this podcast that reaches tens of thousands around the world, people already know what I’m truly capable of. So, if new business comes and a Thai language center asks me “could you do a demo?” I would say, “here, I have numerous videos of me training at these companies, as well as the best podcast in the world. After you’re done viewing that, best of luck in your future search for a trainer.”

My capabilities and record speak for itself, so keep that in mind, people. Now, let’s dive in!


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