The Desire Map | Figuring Out Your Core Desired Feelings

It’s time to start the process of figuring out your Core Desired Feelings.

“Core Desired Feelings are qualities of the heart. 

Let’s root into this: Core Desired Feelings are your most preferred states of being. They are life- affirming, positive, expansive feelings. They are the various expressions of love and vitality. Core Desired Feelings are qualities of the heart, they pull you in the direction of your Highest Self, into gratitude, compassion, inclusivity, and generosity—your joy and peace in many forms. 

Your Core Desired Feelings are your preferred states of being—the way you want to feel most of the time and most deeply. 


How do you want to feel in each of these areas of your life? Have a riff. Stream of consciousness is the way to go here. Ramble, jam, repeat yourself. Don’t be concerned with duplicating words in different areas. 

A desired feeling doesn’t have to be summed up in just one single word. For example, “turned on” works. So does “at one with nature” or “passionately engaged.” 

Anything goes. Get abstract or specific. Do you want to feel spicy or red or electric? Do you want to feel ten different ways of confident? Then just write it down. Close your eyes and tune in. Let your wanted feelings flow freely. Do not censor yourself. Go deep, keep it light. 

Let it flow, but you don’t have to push yourself to come up with a huge number of words for the sake of variety. If you have only a few words in each section, then you might already be close to the heart of your matter.” – Danielle Laporte


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