TOEFL iBT | Speaking Question 4 | Why Insects Make Sounds

Welcome back to another TOEFL iBT Speaking! In today’s podcast/video, we’re going to be discussing the note-taking (as usual), as well as constructing your body of work (introduction, body paragraphs, linkers, etc). This is one of the harder ones, so understand that if you do what’s hard, the test will be easy. If you do what’s easy, the test will be hard! Let’s go!


Insects make sounds that carry messages to other insects for different purposes

1) Alert

2) communicate for food resources

Pupil stage following larvae and adulthood – inactive and unable to move

Susceptible to attacks by predators

Make a sound to alert parents when predators are near

taking them to different place or fighting the predator

very common (alert

2) Communication during food searches

insects feed on leaves of trees

searching for new source of fresh new leaves

current resource old = sound to to look fo rnew leaves

once they find, they will make a sound to communicate its location

The lecture is about insects and the reasons behind why they make sounds and the different purposes behind this type of communication.

He gives two explanations to why they make sounds.

The first explanation is alert.

And the second is to communicate during food searches.

The reason behind why they need to alert one another is the simple fact that



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